Zee's Home DayCare


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 Dear Wonderful Parents, 

 My name is Zee and I love being a Daycare Provider and educator! I have been working with children and employed with various school districts since 2007! I have over 10 years of childcare experience, which includes the care of my daughter, 26-33 students in each of my elementary classrooms and friends and family members children.  I have been an elementary school teacher, daycare worker and preschool teacher in the Sacramento Unified School District, Fairfield Suisun School District, Natomas Unified School District and various other daycare and preschool facilities in the Sacramento area.  I have taught and worked with children from 4 months of age to high school age which includes: preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade (GATE), 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade and up.

At my daycare, I provide full time and part time childcare for infants and children ages 5 months old and up.  I am located off of La Riviera Drive near the 50 freeway and also off of Watt Avenue near the American River. I am conveniently located 3 minutes from the 50 east and west freeway and less than 3 miles from Sacramento State University.

My daycare is a home where you can bring your child and feel complete trust that your child is in a safe and loving environment.  You can return to work with peace of mind, knowing that your child is in good hands and that he or she is being loved and nurtured and treated as my own family while learning, growing and developing. I have an open-door policy which means that you can come to my home anytime during daycare hours to check in on your little one.  My door is always locked for the children's safety but just knock or give me a call and I will gladly let you in. I love to comfort my parents hearts by sending them daily photos through text as their child plays, interacts with others or learns. I also provide you with all of my contact information just in case you have any questions or concerns and a daily update of your child’s day.

At my daycare I provide lots of love, lots of attention and lots of fun! I have an open, clean and secluded space with brand new clean and safe toys, along with educational items that your child will love to play with.  To keep things clean, I provide individual chew toys for babies who are in the process of teething. I sterilize and clean toys and all surfaces that the children touch daily to keep out the germs.  All bedding and blankets are washed regularly as well.  I keep my daycare super clean and make sure everything is spic and span for my daycare children. I also teach my daycare children how to wash their hands and stay clean as they are transitioning from one station or activity to another. Your child will embark on many wonderful adventures here at my daycare! One example is that each month, a new learning topic is taught. Small children and older children get to learn this new monthly educational topic through activity, music, arts and play.

 My home is 100% baby safe with child locks on all cabinets, safety plugs and a door with locks to keep them from entering into areas unsupervised.  I have an open room for my daycare children to play, an office area for my sleeping infants, a kitchen area, a dining area for lunch time and snack time, a bathroom with a small potty for children in the process of potty training and an outside play area.  I want my daycare children to feel as much "at home" as possible, so they are allowed to roam freely throughout the entire daycare except outside unless supervised. We also have a spacious play yard with secured fencing which is always well-maintained and really cool playground toys and hands-on learning activities for the kids to enjoy!

We celebrate each child's birthday here at the daycare!  We have birthday decorations, games, cupcakes and the birthday child will be celebrated all day long! I notify all the families when a child's birthday is coming up and most of the parents like to bring gifts for the birthday boy or girl so it makes for a real fun day! I always take lots of pictures to share with Mom & Dad too!

I want your child to have a great time here and learn at the same time. I focus on educational activities and repetitive learning because children learn best when they are constantly doing the same thing. I put these activities into our play time so the kids are always exploring and learning new things. I allow the students to be self-learners and discover what I am teaching them through listening, hearing, watching and doing. I differentiate for all of my daycare children by having modified activities for younger children and extended activities for older children.  Because my goal is to extend my daycare by adding in a preschool, I introduce preschool activities and my own curriculum with the older children to get ready for their next steps. For all of my children, we practice our alphabet, counting, writing, reading, communicating and positive interaction on a daily basis.

My #1 goal is for your child to feel completely safe, secure, loved, happy, and mentally stimulated with fun things to do while having a great time at my daycare! I also want you to have total peace of mind that your child is happy and 100% safe while you are at work.  If you are looking for a super reliable, honest, loving, trustworthy and safe home daycare ~ then you have found the one!  

Call me or email me if you are interested or if you would like more information.  We can set up a meet and greet very soon and you can see for yourself if my daycare is the perfect fit for you and your little one! :)