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About Me

My educational background

I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA. I attended school in Fair Oaks, Roseville and Placerville schools throughout my childhood. When I finished school, I went off to attend Folsom Lake College to receive my Associates Degree in Childhood Education. I didn’t stop there because I found so much joy in learning about how children develop and each stage of their lives. I knew I wanted to become an elementary school teacher who focused on children develop, teaching English and helping children obtain the skills needed to learn math, grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. From this, I transferred to Sacramento State University and received my Bachelors Degree in Education.  During my college years, I worked predominately in daycare centers, Children’s Centers at my church, before and after school programs and I assisted other teachers in their classrooms from grades K-6th grade.  I also was team leader of The Boys and Girls club in Placerville, CA and a team leader in the Sacramento City Unified School District for grades 6th, 7th and 8th. A few months after I graduate Sacramento State, I received a job in Fairfield teaching a combination class, which included two different grade levels, two different curriculums and one classroom. This was much harder than it seems but it was also very rewarding because I developed my own curriculum in which I was able to address both grade levels at the same time. I combined both groups of students, helped the children that were having challenges and challenged the students that were ahead. With this, I was quickly recognized as an exceptional teacher who “does an amazing job meeting the standards, welcoming the students and handling problems” –principal Robin.

             After teaching in Fairfield, I was given the wonderful opportunity to work for Natomas Unified School District as a 4th grade teacher. During my years here, I taught diverse groups of students from various backgrounds, cultures, abilities and languages, how to speak and write in English. I also taught students math skills with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing; I taught students how to read and identify word and letter sounds; I taught children how to communicate positively with their peers and how to identify their strengths as individuals; I taught students from Mexico, English Language skills and basic communication skills and I taught students according to the new California Common Core standards which are expected in every grade level. Here, I was recognized as a model teacher who not only taught children how to read, write, listen and speak but a teacher who used “whole-brain-thinking” to involve students more in their learning and to increase comprehension. Because of this, my classroom was observed continuously by principals and was later filmed for other teachers to see.  

My wonderful Family

            I am married to my “college sweetheart” who is a wonderful man and now works as a Consultant and Real Estate Agent. We have a beautiful daughter who is fast approaching one year old (I can’t believe how fast its going) and she is such a fast learner, mover and curious little girl! We also have a super friendly, energetic and happy dog named Auzzy and we consider him part of our wonderful family!

             Our home is full of fun, laughter, exploration and lots of communication! For fun, my family and I love to take long walks along the American River or new bike trails, visit new art museums to check out new artists, go to the Sacramento Drive-Ins and watch the latest film, visit family around the area, visit our local Farmers Markets for fresh foods and we love going to our church on Sundays and spending time with our church family.

I look forward to meeting with and talking to you soon! If you have anymore questions and want to know more about my family and I, please feel to contact me during business hours.