Zee's Home DayCare


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When I dropped of my son at Zee’s Daycare, I left feeling very comfortable, welcomed and cherished. I did not feel the least bit worried or uneasy about leaving him! Zee carries such an understanding and filled heart for children not to mention her constant updates and communication about how my son was doing. When I first wanted to visit her daycare, she responded promptly and allowed me to come in, speak with her and tell her what I was looking for. Throughout my son’s time at Zee’s daycare, he played sports, went for walks, ate full meals and enjoyed free time. Each time he was with her, I could see such a joy on his face and excitement! I am very happy with Zee’s Daycare and the level of care she gave my son.


Zee has a huge heart and passion for children. She is very patient, caring and respectful towards children and adults. She is a great listener and understanding a child’s needs fairly quickly. Zee is first to open her arms to children in the most nurturing and safe way. She is always full of joy and excitement and is always outgoing. My kids absolutely love zee! They love how she teaches them to learn through exploring and enjoying new things such as games and activities. When I see Zee with children, I see a mutual love and happiness. It is obvious how happy she makes children feel and she treats them like she does her own daughter. She is always striving to do more, learn more and create new, fun and interesting things for the children. As a parent, I have no doubt or hesitation when leaving my three children with Zee. I always know they are highly cared for and safe. I highly recommend Zee and her outstanding work as a daycare provider!


Parent Reviews

Zee has been working with my daughter for a while now. At Zee’s daycare my daughter has had the chance to grow, develop and learn. Zee teaches the kids at their own levels therefore no kid is compared to the other. I really liked this because we were able to focus on my daughter’s growth together without feeling the pressure of what the norm is. Each month, Zee teaches the children new things and my daughter is learning letters, sounds, and how to share with others. Zee is very patient, loving and kind to the kids and its pretty obvious she loves what she does! It also helps so much that Zee has a great teaching background with children of all ages. She seems to use her knowledge to find creative and exciting ways to teach them what may be expected of them when they reach school age.  My daughter absolutely enjoys been a part of Zee’s daycare family!


I have had the pleasure of knowing Zee for over 14 years and her amazing personality and great character never fails to shine! She has always been a caretaker at heart and did it with so much patience and love. While being around her, you feel uplifted, loved and appreciated! Over the years I have seen her grow into such a wonderful individual and excel in both her personal and professional life. She has always been incredible with kids and she has an upbeat and bubbly personality, which seems to draw children in and give them so much joy and excitement. My 6-year-old daughter loves Zee! When Zee watched my daughter, she said she made her feel she safe, joyful and happy. She is also such an incredible mom! She never does anything less than her best as a mom. In all the years I have known her, she has always remained consistent, reliable and always holds on to her great morals and values in life. 

I would absolutely recommend her your child’s daycare provider!

Zee is an incredible individual. Her attention to detail and work ethic are one of a kind. The level of excellence she brings to the table while working with children, makes her one of the greatest childcare providers in the area! She is wonderful with children and it is apparent she has a special place in her heart for them. From personal experience of just watching her with children and parents, I see that she puts everyone at ease with her demeanor and grace. Definitely a five star experience!


I have known Zee for 5 years and have seen her interaction with children of all ages. She is an educator, mother, friend and daycare provider who, talks about her students with love and interest in their success. As a mother, her patience and caring attitude towards her daughter is glaring. I believe working with children is her "calling".

 I would recommend her daycare to anyone looking for a nurturing, creative learning and safe, home-like environment for their child.


I've had the great pleasure of knowing Zee for over 10 years. I have never witnessed anyone who has the heart for children as much as she does. Zee truly loves growing, molding and shaping children through her teaching and daycare setting. On top of being an amazing daycare provider and teacher, she is also a loving and warm mother and wife. 

Zee is very caring and understanding of all children’s needs and with her background in child development and her academic education, she is an invaluable help and support for parents. She always carries a calm and sweet spirit and she is excellent at motivating, encouraging and developing all children from any age group.

The qualities that stand out when I see Zee is her interaction with children! She is invested and very focused on who they are or who they are becoming. She truly enjoys what she does and it shows!

I would definitely have to say her daycare is one of a kind!